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CanAm Business Coaching
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Design Serious proudly united forces with Canam Business Coaching, guided by the luminous Edwin Wold – a serial entrepreneur, accomplished author, and distinguished business coach with a global focus. Specializing in coaching both international and domestic business owners, Edwin’s expertise shines as a guiding light. As the visionary architects of his digital presence, we meticulously curated a website that harmonizes with Edwin’s dynamic approach. Our creative synergy extended to crystallizing his essence within a logo that encapsulates his visionary spirit. Beyond this, our collaboration expanded into the literary realm, as we undertook the meticulous task of editing and publishing 20 e-books written by Edwin himself. These e-books, enriched with illustrations, encapsulate his wisdom and insights. From crafting his digital platform to e-book publication, Design Serious seamlessly wove innovation and strategy, empowering Edwin Wold to illuminate the business landscape with his unparalleled coaching prowess.