Project Information

PDH Obedience
Logo & Web Design

Design Serious takes the reins in the transformation of PHD Obedience’s online presence, led by the renowned dog trainer Jody Davidson, famed for her Discovery+ show “The Mighty Underdogs.” Our expertise in website redesign and modernization seamlessly intertwines with Jody’s exceptional training prowess. Not only did we revitalize the website’s aesthetics and functionality, but we also had the privilege of designing a logo that encapsulates the essence of PHD Obedience. Our partnership extends further, encompassing managed hosting services. From crafting an immersive user experience to amplifying online reach through strategic digital marketing, Design Serious ensures that PHD Obedience and Jody’s brand thrive in the digital sphere. With our creative finesse harmonized with Jody’s expertise, Design Serious propels “The Mighty Underdogs” to command a powerful presence in the dynamic world of Discovery+.